Here's my short bio: Adam is a postdoc at the Carnegie Institution, Stanford, where he works on developing molecular biology tools to study various non-model-organism algae. In particular, he’s an expert in transformation, genome editing, transcriptomics and organelle biology. He’s also really enthusiastic about science outreach and communication. He’s currently open to opportunities in the biotech/startup world. In his spare time, he enjoys indoor rock climbing, meet interesting people, and spend time outdoors.

Articles by aidoine:

Why You Should Use Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Transformation for CRISPR Genome Editing

Imagine directly creating a mutation at (almost) any site in your target genome instead of screening thousands or millions of random mutants! The CRISPR/Cas9 system does just that. In its traditional form, this forward genetics approach takes 7 steps from start to mutated genome. However, there is a way to obtain your designer genome in…

25 Oct 2017 Genomics & Epigenetics