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Aida Baida Gil

Aida is a geneticist and certified career and life coach. She helps scientists who are struggling to decide the next step in their career create clarity and an action plan.

Articles by Aida Baida Gil:

Feeling like a failure?

Everyone else in the lab is so much smarter and more capable than you and feel that your accomplishments so far in your career are no big deal. On top of that your ligation didn’t work… again.., your boss is always on your back and you are dreading your upcoming poster presentation. Sometimes you feel…

22 Dec 2014 Personal Development

Are You Good Enough?

We all suffer from different types of fears, self-doubts and insecurities. Especially when we are about to do something new. And commonly these negative thoughts center around wondering whether you are good enough. Whether you are applying for a postdoc or PI position, considering starting a PhD, or thinking about leaving science for pastures new,…

11 Jun 2010 Career Development & Networking

Do You Know What You Want?

It’s funny (or maybe sad) how we spend a lot of time planning experiments, thinking about our next paper or preparing for a lab meeting, yet we don’t take time our to plan our lives, to think about what we really want. Most of us think that what we really want is to be successful.…

12 Apr 2010 Career Development & Networking

Is It Time To Quit?

No matter where you work there will always be certain moments in your life when your feel you are going nowhere, you don’t have time for yourself, you miss your family etc etc. In short, you wonder if you are wasting your time, and whether you should quit. Or maybe you’re sure you want to…

29 Mar 2010 Career Development & Networking

How to Make a Decision

Which grad school should you go to?… should you take that new job?… should you quit your current job?… should you stay in science?… should you get married, go for a run, eat that chocolate bar?….. You have a multitude of decisions to make in your life. But now you are facing a particularly important…

17 Mar 2010 PhD Survival

Grad School is for Life, Not Just for Science

You are going to spend at least 4 years or more in graduate school, and around 3-5 years in a postdoc position. That’s a big chunk of your life, so apart from doing experiments, writing papers or your thesis and maybe doing some teaching, what else are you doing? To paraphrase one of my favorite…

02 Mar 2010 PhD Survival
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