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Alexandra Cuaycal

I am a senior undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering. I have worked in Pesticide and Rubber Biodegradation and am currently carrying out my bachelor’s thesis in Molecular Microbiology. I've always enjoyed writing and sharing my experience and thoughts about the daily life of a science student. I love the little things hidden at plain sight!

Articles by Alexandra Cuaycal:

Bacterial Transformation Troubleshooting for Beginners

The first time I did a transformation was when I worked with site directed mutagenesis. I cloned a protein sequence into the p15TVL vector, created my mutants (but that’s another story), and was finally ready for the next step: transformation and expression of my desired protein. Little did I know that my enthusiasm would fall…

30 Oct 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis
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