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Abhijit Bakre

Abhijit obtained a PhD in Molecular Parasitology from Jawaharlal Nehru University and is currently a Research Microbiologist in the US. Abhijit is an experienced molecular virologist passionate about understanding mechanisms of disease. Abhijit focus on viruses of animal and human health and study how they modulate our immune systems. The end objectives of his research are not only to identify novel regulatory mechanisms underlying disease pathology but also to use this information to develop new biomarkers and diagnostic tests. Past projects have focused on human respiratory viral pathogens as well as swine influenza virus. Abhijit’s new research program will focus on Newcastle disease virus, a very important poultry pathogen. Other skills and capabilities include: Data analysis and management, Technical writing of SOPs, Presentations, Peer review grants and manuscripts, graduate thesis advising, Mentoring, Conflict resolution and time and project management.

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Articles by Abhijit Bakre

Set Up Multi-Well Plates

Microsoft Excel Can Help You Set Up Multi-Well Plates

By Abhijit Bakre | August 16, 2017

When you are a newbie to qPCR or qRT-PCR, it is quite common to write everything down in your lab notebook and then tediously mark off reagents or samples as you add them. People typically start with a master mix for items you add to multiple samples such as (Mg2+, dNTPs, 10X PCR buffer, additives,…

Harness the Power of BioEdit and Microsoft Excel for Quick BLAST Summaries

Harness the Power of BioEdit and Microsoft Excel for Quick BLAST Summaries

By Abhijit Bakre | July 9, 2016

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) remains the cornerstone of biological sequence analysis. When users have one or few queries, the data are easy to interpret based on the graphical output that the search provides. However, when you have to analyze hundreds or a few thousand queries, running graphical outputs can be computationally intensive, difficult…

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