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For more than 40 years, USB® has helped academic institutions, diagnostic, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide excel within the life sciences industry. Scientists count on USB molecular biology reagents, enzymes, and biochemicals to deliver reliable, repeatable results.

We offer tools for robust and accurate PCR applications. Our ExoSAP-IT® reagents are a patented, single-step, enzymatic PCR cleanup solution that efficiently removes excess primers and dNTPs prior to sequencing. In addition, we offer a wide selection of enzymes and kits for molecular biology applications.

As part of Affymetrix, USB VeriQuest® qPCR master mixes complement microarray solutions for scientific discovery, offering our customers a complete range of gene expression products.

Need to clean up PCR products? Now there’s a faster solution with HT ExoSAP-IT® Fast Reagent!

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Is your progress being slowed down by poor quality sequencing results or miscalls? It’s time to clean your PCR products fast and efficiently.

Did you know that using spin columns routinely result in losing over 50% of your sample? They also require lengthy protocols, create significant tube and tip waste, and limit your recovery based on DNA fragment size. There is a better way to clean your PCR products!

USB® products from Affymetrix®, the leader in enzymatic PCR clean up, has released a faster and more stable version of its incredibly effective ExoSAP-IT® reagent. The HT ExoSAP-IT Fast for High-Throughput PCR Product Cleanup is ideal for high volume labs that require consistent and reliable results with a faster protocol time. Now you can ensure the highest quality sequencing results while keeping sample processing moving quickly and efficiently.

100% Recovery – Save your precious samples

How many times have you found yourself guarding your PCR product (and maybe muttering “My precious…” over it)? Great news! The new HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent only requires 5 µl of PCR product—so no more squandering of your precious samples. It’s a one tube wonder with only one pipette step, ideal for high volume labs that require quick turnaround! You simply add the reagent directly to your PCR product. Treatment with HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent will boost your sample prep to achieve 100% recovery of your PCR product, regardless of the fragment size.

A quick and easy protocol

HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent cleans your PCR products by removing unincorporated dNTPs and excess primers in just 14 minutes, half the time of other standard protocols. HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent yields high quality PCR products for direct use in your downstream applications, including sequencing, SNP analysis, TA cloning, single base extension, or fragment analysis (Figure 1).

Figure 1. HT ExoSAP-IT Fast for High-Throughput PCR Product Cleanup overview.

  1. Add to PCR mixture with just one pipetting step.
  2. Incubate at 37°C for just 7 minutes followed by 80°C for another 7 minutes.

Cleaned products can be used directly or stored at -20°C.


The HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent is a mixture of Exonuclease I and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (SAP), with reduced viscosity and increased stability for faster clean up. The Exonuclease I degrades any remaining single-stranded primers while SAP dephosphorylates the remaining dNTPs. Using this dual approach, the HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent renders your PCR products pure to ensure successful downstream use in subsequent applications.

Superior Sequencing Quality

When treated with HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent, automated Sanger sequencing of PCR products delivers far superior results compared to the untreated control (Figure 2). Notice the greatly improved peak intensity and quality values.

Figure 2. High quality sequencing data after treatment with HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent. Sequencing of a 1 kb PCR product cleaned with HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent (top) or control untreated sample (bottom). Numbers and bars above sequence; >50, probability of error ­0.001. Sequence shown is within the first 150 bases.

Multi-format capability

HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent is available in multiple formats, including vials, 8 tube strips, and 96 well plates to allow versatile workflows. In addition, the reagent retains function after 10 freeze thaw cycles and may be stored for up to one month at 4°C! With its excellent stability and 50% faster protocol, HT ExoSAP-IT Fast reagent is ideal for high-throughput settings where robotic platforms are utilized and large numbers of samples are processed.

Find out today how much faster you can clean your PCR products. Try HT ExoSAP-IT Fast for High-Throughput PCR Product Cleanup!

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