Labguru Announces Integration of Sigma Life Science Protocols

BioData Ltd., a scientific software service company funded by Digital Science (a division of Macmillan Publishers) today announced the integration of more than 50 protocols from Sigma® Life Science into its Labguru web service. The Sigma Life Science protocols supplement twenty high-quality protocols provided by Nature Protocols last month. When used in conjunction with Labguru and its free iPad app, both sets of protocols aid bench scientists who seek accessible and peer-reviewed protocols to use or adapt for their biological experiments. The protocols are available free of charge to Labguru users.

With vendor protocols such as those from Sigma Life Science accessible through Labguru, it becomes considerably easier to plan and run experiments. When a protocol is added to a researcher’s Labguru account, its steps and procedures are automatically included. With optional timers and alarms for each step, researchers can successfully conduct multiple simultaneous experiments. Each protocol can be quickly copied and adapted for each experiment. Furthermore, the protocol’s associated kits, reagents and materials are automatically added to the account’s materials module. The materials module enables users to easily track supplies, storage, vendors and orders, thereby saving time for the bench researcher.

By integrating their protocols with Labguru, Sigma Life Science provides researchers with visibility to the company’s extensive range of associated products and services. “I am thrilled that Sigma Life Science understands the value of Labguru and our iPad app,” says Jonathan Gross, Founder and Co-CEO of BioData, “this is a first step in building a positive working relationship between the two companies. As a startup company, it is always reassuring that an established business puts trust in us and our leading-edge technology. We are looking forward to providing even more Sigma Life Science content via Labguru, and we plan to include protocols from other life science companies in the future.”

Labguru is a collaborative research management tool designed for academic labs. Labguru’s customizable and affordable web application helps labs plan experiments, track research project progress, share results and notes,manage inventories and ordering, and organize related documents, protocols and data. The free Labguru iPad app was released earlier this year. A supplement to Labguru, the iPad app was created for academic scientists who typically juggle numerous experiments simultaneously. It enables researchers to track progress of experiments (using timers and alarms), record results and notes, and sync the information with their Labguru account.

Individual Labguru accounts are free and can be setup in less than a minute. A dedicated customer support team helps users import existing data and get started. Visit www.labguru.com for more information.

About BioData Ltd.

Based in Boston and Tel Aviv, BioData Ltd. creates digital tools for increasing the productivity of academic and industrial laboratories. BioData’s web-based software is currently used by thousands of researchers in hundreds of labs worldwide. Key funding for BioData comes from Digital Science (www.digital-science.com), a business unit of Macmillan Publishers Ltd and sister division to Nature Publishing Group (www.nature.com). For more information, visit www.labguru.com.

About Sigma Life Science

Sigma Life Science is a Sigma-Aldrich business that represents the company’s leadership in innovative biological products and services for the global life science market and offers an array of biologically-rich products and reagents that researchers use in scientific investigation. Product areas include biomolecules, genomics and functional genomics, cells and cell-based assays, transgenics, protein assays, stem cell research, epigenetics and custom services/oligonucleotides. Sigma Life Science also provides an extensive range critical bioessentials like biochemicals, antibiotics, buffers, carbohydrates, enzymes, forensic tools, hematology and histology, nucleotides, amino acids and their derivatives, and cell culture media. For more information about Sigma-Aldrich, visit its award winning web site at www.sigma-aldrich.com.

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