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If You Use Plasmid Midi and Maxi preps, Your Life is About to Get Much Easier

The plasmid midi and maxi preps are essential for generating high purity plasmid stocks for your precious experiments. Unfortunately, they are also tedious, time consuming, temperamental, and sometimes, utterly soul-destroying.

Well, until now that is, because you are about to witness a massive change in the world of large-scale plasmid preps. And by the end of this article, you’ll have a chance to be a part of it.

Say Hello to Your New Life as a Plasmid-prepper

The folks at Zymo Research have done it again. They have a long history in removing the pain from nucleic acid prep procedures, with innovations like pioneering the first zero retention micro-elution spin column. But their latest offering – ZymoPURE™ MidiPrep and MaxiPrep kits – have knocked it out of the park.

This is a new paradigm. We’re not talking about a small tweak that speeds up the protocol, or slightly increases the yield. ZymoPURE™ kits are a complete redesign of the process that removes all of the bottlenecks and pain-points from the entire midi and maxi prep procedure. Instead of spending half your day running between centrifuges and elution columns you can now complete your Midi and Maxipreps in 18 minutes or less, eluting with just your bench-top microcentrifuge!

The highlights of the new ZymoPURE™ MidiPrep and MaxiPrep kits are:

  • Midi and Maxipreps in 18 minutes or less.
  • Elutions are performed using a bench-top microcentrifuge (yes, that’s right – no large-scale centrifuge needed).
  • Lowest elution volumes let you easily achieve highly concentrated plasmid DNA (>1 ?g/?l).
  • Wash and elute in < 5 minutes thanks to the aforementioned Zymo-Spin™ column.
  • Endotoxin-free plasmid DNA that is well suited for transfection and other sensitive downstream applications.

Sound good? We thought so. Below are more features about these innovate products.

Say Good-bye to Large-scale Centrifugation for Eluting Plasmid DNA

The new ZymoPURE™ MidiPrep and MaxiPrep kits from Zymo Research feature smaller spin columns that fit in your bench-top microfuge, eliminating the need for large-scale centrifugations when eluting the DNA (and the long walk to and from the centrifuge room).

Small Size – Big Yield

Small as these columns are they still pack a big punch! When it comes to DNA yield the ZymoPURE™ MaxiPrep is able to purify up to 1 mg of plasmid in just 400 ?l of elution buffer. With these kits, you can routinely recover > 1 ?g/?l of transfection-ready plasmid DNA. See for yourself how this kit stands up to the competition (Figure 1).

Figure1Figure 1. Comparison of ZymoPURE™ Maxiprep kit against competitor kits. A. Agarose Gel of purified DNA. B. Transfection efficiency measure by luciferase following 48 hours transfection of 100 ng of pGL3® Luciferase Reporter Vector using Lipofectamine® 2000. Values presented are means + SEM of 8 transfections.

Less Time on Prep More on Experiments

Your time is limited and so why spend so much on prepping plasmids when you could spend it generating results? With the ZymoPURE™ MidiPrep and MaxiPrep kits you can generate transfection ready ultra-pure endotoxin-free DNA in just 18 minutes, saving you precious time without cutting any corners. Watch the video below to see just how fast this kit really is.

Harness the Benefits of Zymo-Spin for super-high quality plasmid DNA

Thanks to the unique Zymo-Spin column, these kits produce high-quality endotoxin-free DNA samples, which can be used in a range of sensitive downstream applications including transfections. What’s more, the time it takes to get your samples is drastically reduced as these columns eliminate the requirement for precipitation steps, meaning you can wash and elute your DNA in less than 5 minutes.

Try it Yourself

If all of this sounds too good to be true, why not try it out for yourself? Learn more about the ZymoPURE™ Midi and Maxiprep kits here.

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