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There’s No Need To Be Paranoid About RNA Purification

RNA purification may be a common procedure in molecular biology but it is by far the one that people fear most. Why? Dreaded RNase. It’s everywhere… all over your bench and pipettes, and floating in the air, waiting for the chance to creep into your prep, shred your RNA into nucleotides, and ruin a day’s…

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Plasmid vs. Genomic DNA Extraction: The Difference

To isolate plasmid DNA, you crack your cells open and perform a miniprep, trying hard to avoid contaminating genomic DNA. For genomic DNA, you crack your cells open in a different way and try to isolate as much of the contents as possible. So what’s the difference in the protocols? In this article, we will…

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Overlap Extension PCR Cloning

If efficient cloning is what you are after, you must give Overlap Extension PCR Cloning a go! This restriction enzyme and T4 DNA ligase-free technique is faster, more reliable and easier to troubleshoot than traditional restriction methods. With only two PCR reactions required, you can insert a DNA fragment into a plasmid without spending time…

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Troubleshooting RNA Isolation

As widely used as it is, isolating RNA remains one of the more finicky protocols. Just about anyone who has performed the technique has their own personal tips and tricks to successfully isolate intact RNA from their samples with consistency. Although RNA can be somewhat unpredictable since it is so labile, there are a few…

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Six Important Factors for Successful Reverse Transcription

The reverse transcription (RT) step of RT-PCR for converting RNA to cDNA is critical for accuracy in quantification and for finding low copy messages. Thus, you want to make sure that this step is performed with the highest efficiency but without having to optimize every single step. To help you further in optimizing the RT…

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Troubleshooting DNA Ligation Problems

In any experimental procedure, getting the controls right can save you a lot of work when things go wrong by allowing you to troubleshoot the source of the problem. DNA ligation is no different. In this article, we explain how to set up a ligation reaction with a complete set of controls, and use them…

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