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10 Unmissable Bio Flick and Pic Galleries

A picture tells a thousand words. So I suppose a movie tells 24,000+ words per second. Whether you use them for educating, self-study or just for your viewing pleasure, photos and movies of biological concepts and processes are a valuable resource. Here are ten of the best bio flick and pic galleries from around the…

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BioPop: 10 Songs That Should Be On Every Biologist’s iPod

The late Francis Crick once said that “Trying to determine the structure of a protein by UV spectroscopy was like trying to determine the structure of a piano by listening to the sound it made while being dropped down a flight of stairs.” But, if you thought that protein structure determination was the closest that…

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Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of producing experimental results but as a scientist it is your job to do the exact opposite – a good scientist has to think about their work on all levels. Here is a light-hearted reminder of the importance of large scale, small scale, “out-of-the-box”, lateral and…

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Happy Holidays…

The Bitesize Bio team will be taking a well-earned rest over the holidays and we would like to wish our readers a very merry Christmas. Myself, Dan, Suzanne and Terry have really enjoyed bringing you the best of molecular and cell biology tips, journal articles, news, comment and other stuff over the last four months…

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Get Inside A Molecular Biologist’s Imagination

I’ve always thought that it takes a good imagination to study molecular and cell biology since we never actually see much of the molecular processes we study, dissect and hypothesize on every day. Think about the mental models you have of the processes of cytoskeleton polymerization/ de-polymerization or DNA translation for example. Aren’t they amazing?…

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A Classification System For Scientists

To the general public, scientists seem all seem pretty much the same. However, as someone who has studied these fascinating beasts up close I have found that there are in fact several distinct species within this genus. In order to promote public understanding, I propose a classification system that groups scientists together based on exhibited…

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Three Entertaining Molecular Biology Movies

It’s Friday again, so nothing too heavy from me today, just a little light entertainment to ease you into the weekend. Here are three (somewhat) entertaining molecular biology-related movies from you tube.

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Spare a Thought for Tech Support Reps

Have you ever called technical service departments for advice and help in troubleshooting or choosing a product? Depending on the reason for the call, the experience can vary from positive and helpful all the way to torture for both people. Working in technical service can feel like a very unrewarding job as you are handling…

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15 Reasons to Be a Scientist

Just for fun, here my top 15 reasons for being a scientist. Add your own reasons in the comments below if you so wish. 1. Not being stuck behind a desk all day every day 2. Conferences… see the world for free 3. Understanding some of the fundamentals of life and the universe 4. Getting…

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