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Dealing with Fellow Scientists

Management Skills in Science

Amid growing recognition that a successful scientific career requires skills beyond scientific acumen, institutions are racing to provide management training for newly minted principal investigators. Young scientists spend years conducting complicated experiments and crunching data, but when they are finally given the keys to their own lab, they suddenly face tasks they were never trained…

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What to Look for in a Good Mentor

For every half-way decent mentor or adviser that an aspiring scientist comes across, it sometimes seems as though there is another lurking, who is simply a jerk*. Let’s face it – scientists aren’t consistently “people-persons.” Maybe they had bad mentors, and inadvertently end up passing on the karma. Or maybe science just attracts a higher-than-average…

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You Know You’ve Been In the Lab Too Long When…

This has been doing the rounds all over the web, so I thought I’d post my 10 favorites. You know you’ve worked in the lab too long when… You wash your hands before you go to the toilet You tell your family to store the milk “at 4°C”

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