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Competition!! Join us for the Bitesize Bio Blowout

Competition!! Join us for the Bitesize Bio Blowout

I’ve always liked December, mainly because Christmas and my birthday fall in that month. But this December we are also celebrating moving into the Rolls-Royce of office spaces, at Nine, The BioQuarter in Edinburgh (photo above).

This puts us right in the heart of the bioscience community in Edinburgh and turns the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, QMRI and a host of small biotech companies into our near neighbours.

To celebrate December, moving into the BioQuarter and just life in general, we are holding a Blowout day on the 7th of December, and we’d like to give you the chance to join us at all, or some of it.

The itinerary looks like this:

10am to 1pm:  Three hours of Paintball  (here!), with some BsB staff and readers

1.30pm: A leisurely lunch, somewhere with an open fire to warm us up

5.30pm-7.30pm: Onto our new home in BioQuarter 9 for our official launch party, consisting of free drinks, free food and a little bit of magic (you’ll see!).

7.30pm onwards: Onto the bright lights of Edinburgh for some further… refreshments.

If you will/can be in Edinburgh on the 7th and you’d like to join us, please drop us an email by clicking here and indicate whether you’d like to join us for the whole day, or just for the evening launch party.

We’ll pick out 5 entrants to join us for the whole day and up to 10 more to come just the launch party. We’ll confirm who’s in on 30th Nov, so get your entries in, and feel free to tell your friends.

ps: This is mainly aimed at our readers who are in/around Edinburgh. We’re picking up the tab for your paintball and lunch, and we’ll even buy you the beverage of your choice in Edinburgh, but you’ll be responsible for any travel/accomodation. 

pps: If you are thinking “hang on, didn’t they just move into a new office a few months ago?”, then well spotted. and thanks for reading our Facebook page. We did move into a new office and had to quickly move out just 6 weeks later. All over this fine website, a number of articles advise that before joining a new lab, you should always do your homework on who you’ll be working with. Let’s just say if we had taken our own advice, we would have just gone straight to the Bioquarter.

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