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Around the blogs this week: anti-social scientists, science grads who don’t know what a theory is and a system for handling difficult seminar questions…

How drug prices get high. Mike the Mad Biologist gets really mad about the way drug companies set drug prices.

Social networking – are we social enough? Jonathan Gitlin at Nobel Intent ponders whether scientists will buy into social networking, a timely article in light of the recent launch of the Small Worlds project.

Scientists who don’t know science. WritEdit at Medical Writing, Editing & Grantsmanship comments on a shocking study that showed a poor understanding of the basic principles of science among a group of graduates from an English university.

Aquoria victorious. Alex at The Daily Transcript was one of a few bloggers who picked up on the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to the scientists who discovered GFP, but his excellent run-through of what makes GFP great makes this an article not to be missed.

and finally…

RMP at Evolgen came up with an excellent (funny) flow chart to help you when you get stuck with a question in your next seminar, inspired by the Sarah Palin debate flow chart apparently.

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