Friday’s Staff Picks – Around the Blogs

It’s Friday and it’s “Around the Blogs” – some of our favourite staff picks. This week, it’s bed bugs and broccoli – why bed bugs are back in business, and mother was right –  it really pays to eat up your greens.  I’ve found worms, viruses and growth factor healing powers to keep you interested on your lunch hour.  Happy reading…

So for the latest research news in the biological sciences and beyond


Growth factor containing nanoparticles accelerate healing of chronic wounds


Why bed bugs are back in our lives


And why you really should be eating up your broccoli, American ex-presidents included


Amazingly, the “big paper of the week” model drives 95 % or more of what passes for science news.  Its pack journalism, and John Rennie who served as editor in chief of Scientific American between 1994 and 2009 begs the question “Can science journalism online be better than traditional science journalism?”


As a keen gardener I do like worms – here’s a rundown of what they’ve done for us in the lab, from discovering the ability of cells to self-destruct to prevent cancer to the process of RNA interference.  Also there’s news of another really, really big virus!


Books galore – Metagenomics, Nitrogen-cycling in bacteria, Quantum dots in biomolecular detection……..


Did you know that apparently 36% of university students “did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning” upon graduation.  In the UK it was announced today that 1 in 5 graduates are unemployed.  What’s going on?  Why aren’t PhD students being taught real skills for the real world?


Some great time-lapse video here – you’ve never thought of sea urchins in this way before.  Fantastic deep sea activity.


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