Don’t Miss This Free Online Bioconference

How would you like to participate in a free, online Bioconference? Watch and participate in live presentations from the biggest names in the life science industry and the thought leaders of the research community? And do it all from the comfort of your own computer?

Well Bioconference Live allows you to do just that on 17-19 November (2009). And I think this is a not-to-be missed event. As well as lining up some great speakers, the Bioconference Live team have worked hard to capture the conference experience, offering the opportunity to field questions to speakers, view posters, mingle in the networking lounge, and even visit virtual vendor booths (we’ll have a booth there so be sure to come and chat to us!).

Topic tracks include Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Nucleic Acid Analysis and Amplification, Drug Discovery and Delivery, Lab Automation, Cell & Tissue Analysis, Biotechnology, Autism Research, Cancer Research, Immunology, Clinical & Diagnostic Applications, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Protein Expression, Genetics and Genomics. With all of these choices, you’re bound to find alot of interesting stuff, no matter what your research interests are.

Enter the lobby
Your conference experience begins when you log in and enter the lobby of the virtual convention center. This is a 3D envirornment from where you can feel the conference vibe and access all of the available options, just like in a traditional conference, although you’ll have to supply your own coffee and cookies.

Speeches, talks and posters
The lobby houses aisles containing hundreds virtual booths, each of which houses live keynote speeches or talks/posters that are going on continuously for the three day event. Enter any of the booths at the advertised time to watch a live talk, then hang around afterwards for moderated text chat with the speaker. Immediately after all talks and presentations are given live, they’re then available on-demand (for free) to come back and see later, so no need to worry if you miss something.

Networking is a vital aspect of any conference, so Bioconference Live has a Networking Lounge where users can congregate to meet with their peers or network with other professionals in their field, then use the Live Chat feature to discuss industry issues and news, or just have a conversation.

Visit the exhibit hall
You can then visit the Exhibit Hall and explore new technologies.  Companies are divided by specialty or floors, so you are able to see all the vendors within your area(s) of interest in one central location.  Each vendor has their own “virtual booth”, where you can view their commercials or video uploads, peruse their pdf’s (adding them to your “briefcase” if it is something that you would like to refer back to later or download to your PC), and even Live Chat with a representative from their company if you have any questions or would like to request additional information. Suzanne and myself will be at the Bitesize Bio booth and we’d love to see you there.

Register now, win a prize
You can register for Bioconference Live by clicking here. Once registered, you can enter a prize draw (with prizes including a Macbook) by telling three friends about the conference. I’m really looking forward to this event, and hope to meet you there.



  1. Joe on November 17, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    At first, I thought this might be a good idea. However, after the 1000th spam email advertisement, I know its just another scam to sell my email address to Life Science Companies. Hope you guys get some visitors to your “booth”.

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