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Revealing Cellular Dynamics with Millisecond Precision – The New Tool That Turned Electron Micrographs in Motion Picture of Neural Communication

What if you can dissect the cellular dynamics with millisecond precision? What if you can unravel the morphological transformation of a neuron millisecond by millisecond using electron microscopy? Could...
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Multiplex PCR Technology: What Is It All About?

Join Dr. Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt for a practical tour of multiplex PCR technology, where you will learn the following and much more: Principle behind multiplex PCR technology Popular applications of this technology How to set up this reaction Advantages and disadvantages Multiplex PCR Can Benefit Your Research Dr O’Hanlon Cohrt will discuss the history of […]

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In PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR 1st of December, 2016 Presented by: Dr. Karen O'Hanlon Cohrt
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Open Access: Facts, Myths, and Effects on Your Research Funding

The rise of open access is changing how research is communicated. In this webinar, we’ll celebrate Open Access Week 2016 by taking a closer look at how open access affects how researchers write and publish their results. Specifically, we will: Define open access and Creative Commons licensing and dive into the numbers  about open access […]

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In Writing, Publishing & Presenting 25th of October, 2016 Presented by: Ben Mudrak
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Color Image Quality Control in Microscopy

In this webinar, you will learn about color reproduction in microscopy images—and how to fix it if your color reproduction goes awry. The main points we will cover are: The reasons that could color reproduction go wrong in your microscopy images How to correct your microscopy images with inappropriate color reproduction How to be ethical […]

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In Microscopy & Imaging 29th of September, 2016 Presented by: Mark Clymer
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Incorporating New Dyes to Simplify Panel Design: Accelerating Reagent Availability

In this webinar you will learn how custom reagents can aid you in flow cytometry panel design—without long waits for generating these components. We will cover: How quality custom reagents in small sizes will make your panel design easier How you can receive these reagents fast and without traditional wait times for manufacturing How you […]

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In Cells and Model Organisms, Flow Cytometry, Protein Expression & Analysis 28th of September, 2016 Presented by: Jurg Rohrer
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Decoding Cancer: Practical Advice for Working with Cellular Heterogeneity

In this webinar, you will learn about the process for genotyping cells—particularly tumor cells—and practical advice for analyzing the resulting data. The main points that we will cover are: Practical advice and methods for sample collection and preparation for your genotyping experiments An overview of the available data analysis methods for your genotyping results Examples […]

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In PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR 9th of August, 2016 Presented by: Ania Wronski
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All about miRNAs: Practical Tips, Advice, and Applications

In this webinar you will learn the tips and tricks necessary for you to successfully work with miRNAs, and how you can use them to further your research. The main points we will cover are: Tips and practical advice to help you work with miRNAs, including isolation and delivery The biology and mechanism of miRNAs and […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics 12th of July, 2016 Presented by: Dr. Brian Adams, PhD Instructor
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qPCR Tips: Workflow, Applications and Troubleshooting

In this webinar, you’ll get: Practical advice for sample preparation, qPCR setup and result analyses Guidance on choosing the correct fluorescent labeling system for your qPCR Tips to troubleshoot the most commonly encountered issues in qPCR Join Dr. Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt for a practical tour of the process, applications and practice of qPCR, from start […]

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In PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR 9th of June, 2016 Presented by: Dr. Karen O'Hanlon Cohrt
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The Fast Module for ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan: Confocal Superresolution Imaging with Four Times the Speed and Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio

First introduced in August 2014, the Airyscan detector from ZEISS represents a new detector concept for laser scanning microscopy (LSM) that enables a simultaneous resolution and signal-to-noise (SNR) increase over traditional LSM imaging. The Airyscan detector design substitutes the conventional LSM detector and pinhole scheme for an array of 32 sensitive GaAsP detector elements, arranged […]

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In Microscopy & Imaging, Zeiss 31st of May, 2016 Presented by: Chris Power
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Single-cell Genomics: An Overview and Its Application in Investigating Complex Biological Samples

In this webinar you will learn: The science behind single-cell genomics and its applications How single-cell genomics applies to your research through an example study. In this study, single-cell genomics was used to study single cells from microbes in the environment. Practical advice and tips to help you perform single-cell genomics experiments and analysis of the data […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics 26th of May, 2016 Presented by: Lily Xu
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Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation: Concepts, Tips and Tricks

In this webinar, you will learn the core steps in preparing DNA/RNA NGS libraries. Those are: 1) fragmenting or sizing the target sequences to a desired length, 2) attaching oligonucleotides adapters to the ends of target fragments, 3) purifying the final library product and 4) quantifying the library for sequencing. In addition, you will see […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics 23rd of May, 2016 Presented by: Helena Torrell Galceran, Ph.D.