Science Won’t Speak for Itself: Amplify Your Research & Get Noticed

Jovana Gbric

There’s a clear correlation between the benefits of public relations and successful business endeavors, whether in private industry or not-for-profit philanthropy. In addition to creating publicity buzz and sharing newsworthy accomplishments, a good public relations (PR) strategy acts as an important gateway for gaining widespread recognition within a field or area of expertise.

The value of self-promotion extends to academia, where running a modern-day lab is similar in many ways to running a small business. Nevertheless, a reluctance to promote research whether with PR or other communications tools remains pervasive at universities and research institutes.

Many hard-working professors’ attitudes reflect academia’s traditional credo that “good science will speak for itself.” But today’s overcrowded and underfunded science environment makes this mantra much less relevant than it used to be.

Labguru’s team, in coordination with science PR experts, invites you to this special webinar designed to illuminate how strategic communication and improved self-promotion can catapult careers and funding of researchers and Principal Investigators. During this webinar we will also teach you the tricks and techniques used by academic superstars to help your research acquire the visibility and attention it deserves.