qPCR Tips: Workflow, Applications and Troubleshooting

In this webinar, you’ll get:

  • Practical advice for sample preparation, qPCR setup and result analyses
  • Guidance on choosing the correct fluorescent labeling system for your qPCR
  • Tips to troubleshoot the most commonly encountered issues in qPCR

Join Dr. Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt for a practical tour of the process, applications and practice of qPCR, from start to finish. Beginning with an overview of how qPCR works, the webinar will give practical advice on choosing the right setup for a given experiment. You’ll also get essential advice for carrying out your experiment, including tips for sample preparation, PCR setup and analyses. Dr. O’Hanlon Cohrt will also suggest what you can do if things go wrong!

The webinar will also cover the main applications:

  • Identifying genes with altered expression in disease states, such as cancer
  • Detecting disease-related gene expression and identifying microbes
  • Viral genotyping and viral load determination
  • Understanding biochemical and signaling pathways and other fundamental research

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