Lentiviruses 101: Plasmids and Viral Production

Melanie Herscovitch

A robust technique in the Molecular Biologist’s toolkit, lentiviruses can be used for both overexpression and knockdown of your gene of interest in a wide variety of cell types. Addgene, a non-profit plasmid repository, has a large collection of plasmids for lentiviral production and has put together an introduction for the community on their use.

Have you ever considered using lentiviruses in your experiments? Or maybe you are using them already, but aren’t quite sure how they work. This webinar will focus on understanding the components of lentiviruses and how they are produced in the lab, focusing specifically on which plasmids are required to generate these viruses, safety concerns, and plasmid features that can be identified to help classify their use.  This webinar is a great place to start or build your knowledge on this widely used technique.