Join Dr. Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt for a practical tour of multiplex PCR technology, where you will learn the following and much more:

  • Principle behind multiplex PCR technology
  • Popular applications of this technology
  • How to set up this reaction
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Multiplex PCR Can Benefit Your Research

Dr O’Hanlon Cohrt will discuss the history of multiplex PCR, how the technique works, and how to set up a reaction. She will also provide advice for optimization of primers and how to detect your targets.

Multiplex PCR technology simultaneously detects multiple nucleic acid targets in a single reaction. This method is a straightforward and efficient solution for bypassing challenges associated with limited template material. As an added bonus, this technology is cost effective because fewer reactions are needed to detect disparate targets.

Karen will show you the real beauty of multiplex PCR— how you can use very little template or sample in each experiment. She will also share the applications of this technology, which include forensic science, pathogen identification, and genetic testing—especially in cancer.