In this webinar you will learn:

  • The science behind single-cell genomics and its applications
  • How single-cell genomics applies to your research through an example study. In this study, single-cell genomics was used to study single cells from microbes in the environment.
  • Practical advice and tips to help you perform single-cell genomics experiments and analysis of the data

Applications from de novo genome discovery to dissecting genomic diversity in medicine and biotechnology are driving tremendous interest in highly parallelized analysis of nucleic acids at the level of single molecules and single cells.

Tips and advice for single-cell genomics research

Here, we first introduce the diverse spectrum of applications for single-cell genomics and the corresponding technology requirements. Then we describe the traditional technologies and emerging technological advances in whole-genome amplification and single-cell manipulation, and their importance of driving considerable progress in single-cell genomics field. Finally, we focus on future directions on studying single cells from environmental microbes and the need of increasingly powerful tools to access the genomes of uncultivated organisms.