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Articles by travismedley:

Holiday Rush

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to shop and prepare for time with our family.  Might as well put the job search on hold until the New Year, right?  WRONG!  Although conventional wisdom states that people do not hire in December, this is false.  Many staffing firms have their strongest months in the fourth quarter and this…

13 Dec 2010 Career Development & Networking

Let EVERYONE Know When You Are Looking for a Job

When job-hunting, leads can come from unexpected places, so be ready.

25 Oct 2010 Career Development & Networking

Don’t Answer The Phone!

We love our cell phones. They are equipped with SMS, email, access to Facebook and Twitter – basically, we can connect with the world in an instant. So what I am going to say right now may blow your mind. It will be the opposite of what we’ve been trained to do when we hear…

27 Sep 2010 Career Development & Networking

Focus Your Job Hunting Efforts in the Right Places

It has been a struggle over the past couple of years to find a job in the biotech arena – we all know that. The great news is that it is getting better. The frustrating news is that hiring managers aren’t getting less stringent on finding the perfect candidate. Several years ago, candidates received offers…

24 Aug 2010 Career Development & Networking

Can’t Remember Which Position You Applied For?

IF you are looking for a job, do you blast our resumes out indiscriminately to positions, regardless of whether they are in line, below, or above your skill level? Do you send out so many resumes that you do not know where or when you have applied? If so, stop now! This can lead to some…

02 Aug 2010 Career Development & Networking

Study Up Before Your Interview

Candidates today are looking for any edge to help them secure a job offer. One crucial area that you can prepare for is being able to discuss the organization you are interviewing at. It is crucial that you are prepared and can demonstrate why you are interested in a company. You want to show your interviewer…

09 Jul 2010 Career Development & Networking

References – The Final Frontier

You applied to a position and have run the interview gamut – you’ve had an initial phone screen, a follow-up phone screen, an initial in-person interview, a follow-up in-person interview, and a final interview – Phew! You’ve talked about your career, your ambitions, your salary requirements and your future. You love them and they love…

24 Jun 2010 Career Development & Networking

Want a Job? Be Patient.

Today’s subject is instant gratification – or the thought process, “I have to have it now, or I am not happy!”.  For our times, which are filled with streaming video, text messages, and on-demand movies, we are used to having what we want, immediately. In today’s job market, it is more important than ever that…

27 May 2010 Career Development & Networking

Beware of Overusing Technology in Your Job Hunt

Technology is bigger, faster and better than it ever has been before. It saves us time, and energy by doing our work for us, right? You can Google job prospects, develop sophisticated spiders to seek out hidden opportunities, “e-blast” your resume to hundreds of people with a single click – heck, you can even have…

29 Apr 2010 Career Development & Networking

Take Charge of Your Job Hunt

If you are looking for a new job, it probably feels like full-time work right now. The number of positions is low and the number of calls and emails you are receiving regarding your resume are probably less than you would like. So it is more important than ever to take control and maximize every…

16 Apr 2010 Career Development & Networking