Dr. Romain Dabre

After an engineer degree in organic chemistry, Romain moved to Germany to work in R&D at EMD in Darmstadt (Germany). He started there to work on chromatography projects, developing analytical HPLC columns and applications. After a PhD in analytical chromatography at the University of Vienna (Austria), he had several business development and marketing positions at Tosoh Bioscience GmbH. The company, located in the Rhein Main Area in Germany, has a strong focus on the analytical and preparative separation of biomolecules. Beside his regular position and the editor role at Bitesize Bio, Romain is also a private lecturer at the University of Lille (France).

Articles by Dr. Romain Dabre:

Pack a Chromatography Column Like a Pro

You already learned the basics of column packing. When moving to more automated system using low pressure liquid chromatography systems, you can use pre-packed columns. But in order to compare several resins in specific conditions, and also to save money, you might¬†need to pack your own low pressure columns. The art of packing a column…

22 Nov 2016 Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography Techniques