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Articles by PeproTech:

Non-specific Binding? Tips to Sharpen up Your Western Blot

In the previous installment of this series on western blotting, we addressed potential sources of error when your final product is completely bare. But alternatively, what do you do when too much background is the problem? You may have beautiful bands of interest—but if there is a bunch of non-specific binding, your quantification and data…

15 Mar 2016 PeproTech&Protein Expression & Analysis

Streamline Your Western Blots

Western Blotting is a long established method for which the protocol varies little from lab to lab. However, there are some new products that are available and some tweaks that can be made to the protocols that may improve your results and reduce the time it takes you to execute this popular technique. Save Time…

01 Sep 2015 PeproTech&Protein Expression & Analysis

The Top 10 Western Blotting Mistakes (and Solutions!)

As bitter experience has likely taught you, not all Western blots are pretty.  Sadly this is usually due to mistakes on the experimenter’s part. While some of these mistakes are perplexing, others are just plain dumb; but none of them have to happen to you. Read this! 1. Starting with Bad Samples Proper protein extraction…

01 Apr 2014 PeproTech&Protein Expression & Analysis

Let me introduce you to ELISA…No, not the girl…The assay.

An ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay) is a popular assay that uses antibodies and color change to detect proteins, peptides, antibodies or biomolecules in complex mixtures. ELISAs are popular because they are reliable, specific, easy to use, and can easily be scaled up to process multiple samples simultaneously. How an ELISA is Done: In an ELISA,…

04 Mar 2014 PeproTech&Protein Expression & Analysis