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Three Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On PubMed

Literature searches are a constant in every scientist’s daily life. We spend (or should spend) most of our time accumulating information. We search the literature before we start a new project, while we’re writing a grant proposal, when we’re designing/troubleshooting a tricky experiment, when we finally write that manuscript, and even when everything is going […]

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In Taming the Literature 2nd of November, 2016
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How to be Proactive in Your Career Planning

Nowadays, it is no longer absolutely true that applying for a PhD means that you are striving for an academic position in the future. Although a majority of graduate students are certainly still aiming for a career in academia, and will thus benefit from doing a postdoc or two, more and more graduates are pursuing […]

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In Career Development & Networking 11th of July, 2016
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Get that Genotyping PCR to Work EVERY TIME

Say you just joined a lab and have been assigned your very own project to work on. As part of your new responsibilities, you have to breed and maintain the mutant (or transgenic) mouse line which you will be using for your experiments. An integral part of mouse genetics experiments is determining the genotype of […]

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In PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR 9th of July, 2016