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Extracting Better Ubiquitin Data from Your Samples: Beyond the Cellular Skip

The ubiquitin-proteasome system was discovered at the start of the 1980s, and people have been studying it ever since. Initially, researchers thought that tagging a protein with ubiquitin was the cell’s signal for the protein to be scrapped via the proteasome. But more research has shown that, as with all biology, once you’re up close and […]

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In Protein Expression & Analysis 14th of February, 2017
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How to Scrutinize Your Glycosylated Proteins Without Using Glycosidases

You might have come across protein glycosylation before. Somewhere in the recesses of your memory you might even recall reading something about the protein you’re studying being glycosylated, but what does this mean and how do you analyze it? Glycosylated proteins are molecules decorated with sugar groups as they pass through the ER and Golgi […]

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How to Cherry Pick Your Primary Antibody

How do you pick which antibody you should use in your assay? If you’re starting a new assay and need an antibody for the job, then selecting a new antibody from the plethora available could be high up on your to-do list.

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In Protein Expression & Analysis 11th of October, 2016
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Introducing Aptamers for Super Resolution Microscopy

What do you use if antibodies are too large for super resolution microscopy? Aptamers. These are small affinity reagents (~ 2 nm!) that interact with their target in the same way as an antibody, but without the hefty backbone attached.

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In Microscopy & Imaging 9th of July, 2016