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Thanking Hardship in Science: One Reason to Appreciate Struggle and Failure

A scene from the 90s hit sitcom Home Improvement about parenting and dealing with children’s problems has stuck with me for years. As he often did, the father figure, Tim Taylor, sought advice from his eccentric neighbor, Wilson. In this episode, Wilson’s point was that parents deal with little problems when their kids are little. […]

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In Personal Development 27th of July, 2016
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5 Actionable Steps for Transitioning Smoothly to a Non-faculty Career

In this webinar, Heidi Scott Giusto, Ph.D., owner of Career Path Writing Solutions, will share: How she faced the facts that she didn’t want to be a professor—and what she did to make a successful career transition Five actionable steps that can facilitate a smooth transition to a non-faculty job Success stories of scientists who walked […]

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In Career Development & Networking 19th of January, 2016 Presented by: Heidi Scott Giusto