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Bioinformatics for NGS: Open Source or Proprietary?

As many who have worked with sequence data can tell you, the biggest bottleneck in publishing papers based on sequence data is the analysis step. Most researchers are faced with a dilemma when they receive sequence data for the first time: “do I try to use these free open source programs or do I shell […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics 6th of December, 2012
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Garbage in, Garbage out? Quality Control of Your NGS Data

So, you’ve just received a call from the core facility that you hired to prepare and sequence your libraries. The facility director tells you that the sequence data from your next generation sequencing (NGS) experiment does not look good. You panic and, perhaps, let loose a scream of frustration—aaarrrrggghhhh! This project was going to be […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics 25th of October, 2012