Dan is a postdoc working at the University of Cyprus in developmental biology. He has a BSc in molecular biology and a PhD pharmacology and biochemistry.

Articles by Dan:

A Stephen Jay Gould Highlight Reel

With it almost being Darwin Day, it seems only right to review a book on perhaps the best popularizer of evolutionary biology in the 20th Century, Stephen Jay Gould.

09 Feb 2009 Of Interest

Around the Blogs

First, a handy little reminder on group meetings from Biocurious. The suggestions are so simple, and yet so many people in group meetings do not think about what they want to say ahead of time, or they drag on and on. And those that respond to questions with “I don’t know”, as a full answer,…

06 Feb 2009 Of Interest

Around the Blogs

Three selected articles for your blog-reading pleasure: The Stimulus – How much is marked for science funding? Let’s not mess things up this time! The last major increase to the NIH caused major problems years later. Money was simply pumped into new and existing grants, PIs hired many new grad students and postdocs, and the…

30 Jan 2009 Of Interest

Around the Blogs

I’m a frequent lurker on a wide variety of life science blogs, and one of those blogs that I’ve recently started to really appreciate is What’s New in Life Science Research at Scienceblogs. As a blog it has promise, although I’m hoping that some of the posts go into greater depth with their analyses of…

23 Jan 2009 Of Interest

Writing a Lot in Academia

We all know that surviving in the publish-or-perish world of academia requires that we write a lot. For myself, I view blog-writing as a form of writing practice — I used to really suck at it. Okay, actually I still get stuck sometimes when trying to write, especially for grants.

22 Jan 2009 Writing, Publishing & Presenting

Around the Blogs

Welcome back from the Winter Holidays, it’s time to start the regular ‘Around the Blogs’ segment again. I’ve taken notice of a handful of interesting articles around the blogs on human genetics, so I’ll focus on that this week. Genetic differences between human populations: more drift than selection? Dan MacArthur points to a paper claiming…

16 Jan 2009 Of Interest

Stem Cell Century: The Law of a Controversial Science

Russell Korobkin’s book Stem Cell Century: Law and Policy for a Breakthrough Technology is the first book to address not just embryo destruction but the full range of important policy questions raised by stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

09 Jan 2009 Science Communication & Ethics

Around the Blogs

Books About DNA: DNA: Promise and Peril In one of a series of posts on books on DNA, Hsien-Hsien discusses a book about the genetic revolution and its implications for our lives. The Problem with Publication-Driven Science Mike laments the consequences of publication-driven research, and how it can inspire problems associated with secrecy and withholding…

12 Dec 2008 Of Interest

Around the Blogs

Three story highlights from related blogs: All Graduate Student Supervisors Take Note “This lovely piece has been circulating of late, but Sonke has been kind enough to allow the SCQ to present his “Advice for Potential Graduate Students” as a handy dandy pin-up, suitable for pinning up in some visible area of your lab.” FDA…

05 Dec 2008 Of Interest

Science as Progress, and More on the Philosophy of Science

Following up on my recent post about The Nature of Scientific Observation, I left two-thirds of Chalmers’ book What is This Thing Called Science untouched, including discussions on Bayes’ theorem and the New Experimentalism.

18 Nov 2008 Inspiring & Thought Provoking