Ayushi is an undergraduate in microbiology at Amity University, where she has been engaged in independent research on nanoparticles in biology. In her future life as a researcher, she wants to use synthetic biology tools to solve terraforming and astrobiology questions along with pressing bioremediation issues. Additionally, she is looking forward to ever-increasing possibilities in the world of science communication.

Articles by AyushiSood:

Phylogenetic Tree Construction Made Easy with Blast & Mega

Your DNA sequence can be put to good use fairly easily with Blast and Mega software. These programs can help in phylogenetic tree construction. You can ask questions like what is the evolutionary relationship between a set of sequences from different species? Or how have certain microbial strains arisen? Blast As any bioscientist probably knows,…

07 Mar 2017 Genomics & Epigenetics