Amanda Hurley

Amanda Hurley is a graduate student at Princeton University in the Department of Molecular Biology. She grew up on a sheep farm in New Hampshire with two veterinarian parents so her interest in the life sciences was inevitable. At Princeton, she investigates the bacterial communication process known as quorum sensing. Communication between humans also interests her. Specifically, advocating for science and the translation of primary scientific research into relatable stories.

Articles by Amanda Hurley:

How to Give an Incredible Scientific Talk

Committee meeting approaching? 10 minute department seminar? Lab meeting? Fear not! My adviser has insulted my presentations so regularly, that I’ve finally learned some things. Hopefully, I can head your adviser off at the pass, and give you some tips on crafting an incredible talk. What’s the Occasion? Who’s Your Audience? This is arguably the most important…

06 Apr 2017 Writing, Publishing & Presenting