DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

The Dark Side of Gene Synthesis

After writing my recent article on custom gene synthesis, I came across this article in the excellent Seven Stones systems biology blog that highlights the potential dark side of this emerging technology. The article describes a recent Nature Biotechnology commentary by B??gl et al 2007 in which executives from the DNA synthesis industry discuss regulation…

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Custom Gene Synthesis: A PCR alternative.

Artificial gene synthesis was first reported in 1972 when a group of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology synthesized a complete yeast alanine tRNA gene. Synthesis of the first peptide- and protein-encoding genes ensued in the following decade. Since then, synthetic biology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and custom gene synthesis, a one-time expensive option for…

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Plasmid Cut & Paste with Quikchange

I recently had a problem where I needed to cut out an expression cassette (a promoter coupled to a coding sequence) from one plasmid vector and paste it into another containing an expression cassette so I could get tandem expression of the two genes. The recipient vector had no suitable restriction sites for performing this…

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