Cells and Model Organisms

Tips for Eukaryotic Cell Transfection

Transfection of eukaryotic cells is a routine but sometimes tricky procedure. There are several transfection reagents available on the market, but sometimes the old methods are the best. I find that the simplest, fastest and cheapest transfection method for eukaryotic cells is calcium phosphate mediated transfection (1). It’s main advantage is that, since Ca2+ is…

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Antibiotics as a Carbon Source

Here’s the context: “Eighty years after Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin on a moldy culture dish, the battle against killer bugs is faltering. More and more bacteria – including insidious tuberculosis strains that have cropped up2 – now shrug off almost all antibiotics. Meanwhile, few new antibiotics are reaching the clinic. Medicine is on the defensive,…

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Thinking Microbes

Cognition is a term frequently used in several loosely related ways to refer to a faculty for the human-like processing of information. Signal transduction networks certainly fit that bill, as the mediate adaptive changes in gene expression to specific sensory inputs. Melinda Baker and Jeffry Stock, in the recent issue of Current Biology, elaborate on…

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