Science Communication & Ethics

Are you Guilty of P-Hacking?

P-value abuse directly contributes to one of the biggest problems facing the scientific community: the prominence of false-positive results in the published literature. Contrary to popular interpretation, the p-value doesn’t indicate the likelihood that the observed result was due to chance. There are important qualifications to p-value interpretation.  Moreover, the p-value cannot directly speak to…

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How to Write a Press Release to Impress

If you’re like most scientists, you spend far more time worrying about getting your name on a paper than in the paper. Concerns over misrepresentation, peer perception and busy schedules keep scientists from reaching out to the media and, by extension, the public. Sharing your science is beneficial to both the public and your own…

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How to Access All Science for Free?

I am writing the revision of my latest manuscript: choleric Reviewer #2 argues that Bogdanov (2010) has already done the same work. Surprise! Bogdanov (2010) is not exactly available…the article is behind a paywall at $30. Yes, it’s unfortunately true, universities cannot grant me access to all the science, but will I pay? For a…

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