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Seven Frivolous Reasons Not to Attend a Conference

Scientific conferences are a peculiar throwback to XIX century, when bearded white men in wool suits were meeting in ale houses to discuss the latest experiment they did at home – once. In our […]

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Introducing the 2014 Laboratory Olympics

What better way to commemorate an Olympic year than to have your very own Lab Olympics? Lab Olympics can boost lab morale when it is low or inject some fun into your daily routine*. […]

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My Fifteen Favorite Things To Do In The Lab

What is my most favorite task to do in the lab? Good question; it’s difficult to pick just one, so here are (quite) a few of my favorite things: 1. Working in a team […]

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Back to the 80s: The Top Ten 80s Songs for Your Lab Playlist

It’s like, no duh…the decade of the Rubik’s cube, E.T., big hair and shoulder pads, is making a comeback. Like Rocky rising against Clubber Lang (“You ain’t so bad!”), the buoyant 80s is fighting […]

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Goodbye from Bitesize Bio

It is with some regret, but much optimism for the future that we announce that will cease to produce further articles and videos for biologists at the end of this month. We have […]

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10 Ways to use your “Dr” title for good and evil

So you worked hard in the lab for all all of those years. You endured failed experiments, committees, over-bearing supervisors, thesis writing and thesis defending. And for what? Well, who knows? But no matter […]

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When Dr Harry met Dr Sally

Logically and statistically, a lab romance (= a romantic relationship between members of one lab) should not work. Most relationships fail sooner, rather than later and working in the same lab will be extremely […]

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Looking Forward to a New Year in the Lab

A new year has arrived! After the ordeal of Christmas lunches and pretending that you liked that photo frame made from seashells, it is time to return to the lab and get ready for […]

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We Learn a Wee Bit More about Proteins—from Wii

About thirteen years ago, a group of science journalists gathered in a darkened lab at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The lights went off, and the participants took turns donning a clunky helmet with […]

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Feed Your Head: Books for Scientists and Their Loved Ones

Over the past year, we’ve published several book reviews on BitesizeBio. With the holidays approaching, we thought this would be a good time to highlight some of our favorite science reads. Why not add […]

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