10 More iPhone / iPad Apps for Bioscientists

In the time since Bala wrote his article for us about iPhone apps for bioscientists, many individuals and companies have jumped on the bandwagon to deliver some great new apps that you might find […]

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Product Review: Snap i.d. Rapid Western blotting system

My lab recently purchased the Snap i.d. rapid Western blotting system from Millipore, and it has quickly become my favorite piece of lab equipment. The standard Western blotting procedure involves blocking for thirty minutes or more, […]

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Basics of Protein Phosphorylation Part III: Family Ties – Diversity and Similarity Among Protein Kinases

So far in our “Basics” series, we’ve taken an overview of the major players involved in protein phosphorylation, and some of the tools that one might use to study them. Now, we’ll return to […]

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Don't Answer The Phone!

We love our cell phones. They are equipped with SMS, email, access to Facebook and Twitter – basically, we can connect with the world in an instant. So what I am going to say […]

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Can We Live Without Peer Review?

Jef Akst has posted an interesting article over at The Scientist discussing a new system for scientists to publish their work directly to the web without traditional journals or the peer review system. Radical, […]

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Why You Need To Mentor, No Matter What Your Level

From a graduate student’s perspective, it often seems as though there are two types of labs: those that mentor well and those that don’t. This distinction can mean the difference between a brief, productive […]

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Your No.1 Time Management Lesson: Just Say No

Research is a challenging field that demands a tremendous amount of skill and dedication.  We are required to be creative but logical, independent but team players, innovative but grounded, proliferative but focused.  This balancing […]

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Infrared Thermometers as Infrared Laser Detectors

I recently read an article on WIRED about an optics experiment cooked up by the scientists at NIST to allow office workers to test for potentially dangerous infrared (IR) leakage by inexpensive laser pointers. […]

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Use Cell Banks to Save Time Growing Routine Cultures

If you regularly grow up the same bacterial culture, whether it’s the strain that expresses your favorite protein, the culture you make your competent cells from, or just your regular control strain, it can […]

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Basics of Protein Phosphorylation Part II: Tools of the Trade

In the previous article in this series, we looked at the major players involved in protein phosphorylation: protein kinases, protein phosphatases, and target proteins. This time, we’ll glance over some of the tools that […]

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