Picking an Advisor: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

After picking a graduate program, the next big decision for a first-year graduate student is picking an advisor. One of the factors to consider in this decision is the academic age of the Professor […]

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Respect the Ultra

If a random sampling of my hallway is any indication, then half of you don’t think too much of using a ultracentrifuge, while the other half of you are scared to death of it. […]

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Study Up Before Your Interview

Candidates today are looking for any edge to help them secure a job offer. One crucial area that you can prepare for is being able to discuss the organization you are interviewing at. It […]

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What it Takes to Take the Lead

I had the unique opportunity to attend a lecture by the CEO of Life Technologies, Greg Lucier, just recently here in San Diego. The lecture was organized by Leo Lee, the creator of a […]

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Basics of Protein Phosphorylation Part I: Introducing the Candidates

The focus of my grad studies and postdoctoral research has been the analysis of proteins regulated by reversible protein phosphorylation. However, the number of unique facets in which protein phosphorylation can be studied is […]

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How DNA extraction kits work in the lab

We give a lot of troubleshooting help on RNA and DNA extraction here at Bitesize Bio because almost everything we do in molecular biology requires DNA or RNA at the very first step.  These […]

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References – The Final Frontier

You applied to a position and have run the interview gamut – you've had an initial phone screen, a follow-up phone screen, an initial in-person interview, a follow-up in-person interview, and a final interview […]

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Say Goodbye USB Sticks, Hello Dropbox

When you're writing up your latest report, next paper or your PhD thesis, its best to get out of the lab and work somewhere where there are fewer distractions. Normally that means stuffing all […]

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10 Great Things About Being a Graduate Student in the Summer

Being in graduate school can be tough – deadlines, professors, and experiments, can get you down.  But there are a lot of silver linings, too.   Here are a few of my favorite things about […]

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Let's Get Melting

Amplify them all and let the melting sort ‘em out. OK perhaps my attitude to analysing sequence variation may be a little flippant but it characterises a lot of my thoughts toward High Resolution […]

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