Chasing the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Choosing the Right Fluorochromes for Your Flow Cytometry

With the current proliferation of new dyes and instruments that can detect many colors simultaneously, it seems like an entire rainbow is at your disposal for your flow cytometry experiments. And we know that […]

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5 Ways to Wreck Your Centrifuge

Surprise, surprise: That low frequency wobble isn’t your colleague’s dubstep. Before your centrifuge leaps off the bench and into a spirited dance, power down to see what’s the matter before it catastrophically destroys itself, […]

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Life or Death? Apoptosis in Healthy Organisms

Everybody has to die at some point. But fortunately, the death of a cell does not mean the end of the organism, at least for us metazoans. Indeed, controlled cell death a.k.a apoptosis, or […]

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Take Care of Your Tools: How to Clean a Pipette

Like a Jedi’s light saber, your pipette is an extension of your arm and the lifeline to your (lab) existence. You probably should give it a little TLC once in a while to keep […]

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Microbiology 101 by Aunt Yersinia

We are pleased to announce that the famous maid of microbiology, dear old Aunt Yersinia, has agreed to start writing a microbiology and molecular biology advice column for Bitesize Bio. She will be free […]

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How to Take a Cell Apart, i.e. How to Perform Subcellular Fractionation

  I do not have to tell you that eukaryotic cells are not just sacks of homogeneous protoplasm. Instead the inside of all eukaryotic cells are divided into organelles and compartments, each with unique […]

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Cell Proliferation Round 1: Using Thymidine Analogs With Flow Cytometry

Around and around the cell cycle goes, where it stops, nobody knows. Unless you have the right tools to analyze DNA content, that is. The DNA markers propidium iodide, Hoechst and DAPI are commonly […]

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Getting in Deep: How to Deep Clean a Tissue Culture Hood

One of the most exciting aspects of being a biologist is getting opportunities to examine how and why living organisms behave the way they do. We have technology that enables us to obtain images […]

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Choosing the correct enzyme

A wide variety of enzymes are available for PCR and RT-PCR and the optimal choice depends on a range of factors specific to your experiment. Some of these factors will now be explored to […]

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How to Switch Mentors, Part 2: Planning and Preparing to Switch

Much of your success and happiness in grad school depends on an effective relationship with your mentor.  Despite your best efforts, sometimes the first relationship doesn’t work out, and you need to switch mentors […]

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