10 Useful Tips For Improving Your Sorting Experiments

After a very naïve start in flow cytometry thinking that published protocols will work without fault – needless to say, that did not work out in my favor – I realize now that following […]

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The Seven Deadly Sins of HPLC

Don't be a sinner!  Avoid  these sins and get the most from your HPLC run. 1.  Failing to maintain your HPLC column  There are a few cardinal sins when it comes to column maintenance: […]

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Apoptosis Gone Wrong: Cell Death’s Role in Disease

Like yin and yang, apoptosis has a duality.  While it is is a pathway used in the normal maintenance and development of tissues in healthy organisms it also had a dark side. As you […]

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Running You Through HPLC: How Does it Work?

Your advisor tells you that he wants you to use HPLC to analyze your compound. You know you’ve heard of this technique before, but you can’t remember what HPLC stands for, let alone how […]

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Cheat on your thermocycler with Loop-mediated Isothermal amplification (LAMP)

Is it time to breakup with your thermocycler? You and your thermocycler may be joined at the hip, but is it a love-hate relationship? Does it just eat up your time and money? Perhaps […]

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The Magic Continues: TOPO Cloning

They say a magician is never supposed to tell the secret behind his tricks.  It’s a good thing then that I am a molecular biologist and not an illusionist.  Because once I learn a […]

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How are crimes solved by PCR?

The scene of the crime The body of a woman is found behind an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. Forensic experts carry out a technical examination of the scene and suggest strangulation […]

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10 Ways to Abuse a Pipette

It seems like every movie that needs a shot of a scientist doing their sciencey-thing either gets the person to pour one pretty liquid from one flask into another or to stare intensely at […]

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Block, Stock and Barrel – A Guide to Choosing Your Blocking Buffer

Blocking is the essential third wheel in any antibody/antigen relationship. Correct blocking buffer can perfect your antibody’s ability to bind its antigen, while bad blocking can make specific antibody binding near impossible. Don’t let […]

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An Introduction to Gating in Flow Cytometry

What is one of the first things you do when you sit down at the flow cytometer and start looking at your cells? You start drawing polygons and setting gates. To the neophyte the […]

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