Getting The Most Out Of Your Column: Optimizing Your HPLC Gradient

Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are researching a biosynthetic pathway in your favorite fungus. You know that this pathway produces a family of toxic compounds, and you want to see if you can […]

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To Pour Or To Spread (Bacteria), This Is The Question

Dear Aunt Yersinia, What are advantages and disadvantages of pour and spread plates? Antonio   Dear Antonio, It is refreshing to see such wisdom – knowing that there are at least two methods of […]

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Sorting Single Cells – What Do You Need to Consider?

Flow cytometer and cell sorter manufacturers have invested considerable resources to design instruments that are the “fastest in the ‘hood” either in terms of cells analyzed per second, or in total throughput. The general […]

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How You Can Use HPLC In Your Research

If you’re an HPLC guru, then you probably think that everyone should be using HPLC.  And you might have a point – HPLC is very powerful and has broad applications across many fields.  But […]

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Shooting Trouble During Cloning

As frustration goes, cloning is often up there with trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle. You do everything carefully: prepare your vector and fragment DNA, cut them as the […]

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Beware The Bane of Batch Effects in NGS

 A promising study on using gene expression to develop personalized treatments for ovarian cancer A report of surprisingly high levels of differential gene expression among different ethnic groups. The announcement of previously unsuspected levels […]

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The different phases of PCR and why they are important

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a biochemical technique developed by Kary Mullis in 1983 that is used to create large quantities of a sequence of DNA. Since this method of mass-producing DNA was first […]

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Red light/Green Light In Aseptic Technique: When Is The Flame OK?

My mom is a microbiologist and so I was a lot more informed about bugs than most kids. In fact, I probably gave more than one classmate nightmares with my talk of there being […]

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Come on in- the Water’s Lovely! A Look at Water Immersion Objectives

I’m guessing most people who have used a microscope will have come across oil immersion objectives- y’know- those ones which are covered in gunk and drip oil down into the sub-stage condenser?! If this […]

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Get Out of Western Blot Hell: An Intro to Mass Spectrometry.

  After you finish immunoprecipitating a protein or purifying a subcellular compartment, you need to identify what proteins you purified. You could attempt to identify your purified proteins the old fashioned (and slow!) way […]

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