Pyromania: An Intro to Pyrosequencing

Anyone who is involved in DNA sequencing in one form or fashion knows there are multiple ways to skin a cat: Sanger-based, next generation (NGS) and of course the new ion torrent sequencing technology. […]

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Antibiotics and antimycotics in cell culture: how do they work and do I really need them?

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in a cell or tissue culture lab will have experienced contamination at some point. You might not admit it, or want to admit it, but you […]

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5 More iOS Apps for Scientists

Recently we’ve seen some great apps (here and here) that can be added to a scientist’s iPhone/iPad toolbox. In this next installment of iOS Apps for Scientists, let’s take a look at 5 free […]

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Cell Cycle Analysis by Flow Cytometry: Flowing your Way through Life’s Cycle

Over the past few decades the mammalian cell cycle has been well documented. Although there are lots of checkpoints as cells move through the cycle, we can very simply divide the cell cycle into […]

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What Is Open Access Anyway?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that free cheese exists only in a mousetrap, and even there it’s free only to the end user. So it’s no wonder that the traditional system of most […]

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Did Your Parents Teach You Good Manners?

Please. Thank you. Don't talk with food in your mouth. Parents all over the world work every day to instill the right types of manners in their children. We all know we should say […]

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Book Review: ‘The Selfish Gene’, by Richard Dawkins

A few popular science books rise above the genre and become pop-stars of the book world – bestsellers. Even fewer among them change public discourse and, finally, culture. The Selfish Gene (TSG) by Richard […]

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Looking Forward to a New Year in the Lab

A new year has arrived! After the ordeal of Christmas lunches and pretending that you liked that photo frame made from seashells, it is time to return to the lab and get ready for […]

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What is Alternative Splicing, and Why is it Important?

Genetic information of an organism is stored in the genes, the functional subunits of the genome, arranged in the strands of the DNA double helix in the nucleus. This information is transcribed from DNA […]

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Book Review: "The Social Conquest of Earth", by E.O. Wilson

E.O. Wilson is a biologist who has authored many titles, ranging from accounts of his personal field research on ant colonies to general titles on evolutionary biology and biodiversity. I picked up the “The […]

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