Some Sanger Sequencing Tips and Tricks

Sanger sequencing is still a workhorse of most molecular biology labs. Even with the advent of next-generation sequencing we still need to sequence our clones and PCR products. In this article I have listed […]

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Outgrown the Roost: Passaging Adherent Cells, the Basic Process

Splitting, passaging, subculturing… whatever you call it, while the specifics of passaging adherent cells will depend upon the individual cell type, the basic process involves four simple steps. These basic steps are outlined below […]

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Three Tips (and Two Tricks) for Using BLAST

The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) algorithm is at the heart of a free suite of online resources available through the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).  While most researchers are aware of […]

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Immunohistochemistry- an Introduction, Techniques and an Evolution Towards Robots!

The last two decades have seen a dramatic increase in the number of publications using immunohistochemistry (IHC) as a research tool to identify the spatial location of proteins of interest within cells, tissue sections […]

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Smart Questions To End An Interview On A Positive Note

I have prepped hundreds of candidates for interviews and, by extension, I have been a part of hundreds of interviews. At some point during each of these interviews, the Hiring Manager asks the candidate […]

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Remote Cytometry: Help from beyond!

The idea of accessing one computer from another is long established. Unfortunately we often have visions of hackers sneaking in and stealing our data when we have most to lose. However, this type of technology can aid us in a […]

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Tips for Choosing and Using a New Primary Antibody

Finding a good commercial primary antibody can often feel like playing Russian roulette.  Nothing is more disappointing than buying a $300 antibody that doesn’t work for your use.  There are some steps you can […]

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How to Calculate a DNA Primer Concentration

Calculations can be the bane of laboratory work.  Therefore, I have always looked for easy methods for getting the math done. Here are several different ways to calculate primer concentration depending on the starting […]

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How to Detect Alternative Splicing Variants

Alternative splicing events often occur in a spatiotemporal manner, and some are regulated by alternative splicing regulators, with striking variation across tissue types and developmental stages. Alternative splicing events are often differentially regulated across […]

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How To Craft The Perfect Title For Your Manuscript

Of all the words you write to prepare a manuscript, too often the most important ten or so are left as an afterthought. You’ve slaved for weeks to finish your manuscript. Through draft and […]

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