Tips for Uncluttering your Email Box

In the hectic world we live in you may not be away from your computer for more than an hour and the emails pile up. Setting aside a couple of time blocks each day […]

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Cell Culture on a Budget: Homemade Fixes

Mammalian cell culture can easily deplete grant funds and a lot of companies are eager to help you with this! But you don’t always have to buy fancy equipment or hot new reagents to […]

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Successfully Navigated an Interview: That’s Great, but Now What?

Interviews are great - sometimes it feels good to have been invited in to compete for a position. Interviews are also a crucial time to ask, "What's next?" This critical question will help you understand the […]

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Acid Fast: A Histology Tool To Detect Bacteria and TB

 What Does Acid-Fast Stain? Acid-Fast (AF) is an important special staining technique used in the histology lab. This is adifferential stain used to identify acid-fast bacterial organisms, such as members of the genus Mycobacterium and Nocardia. The discovery of […]

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Sorting Large Cells and Materials by Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometers and cell sorters were designed with blood cells in mind. This means that commercial cell sorters are optimized for sorting cells typically smaller than about 20 µm in diameter. However, it turns […]

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Chemistry Spies: pH meters, Buffers and You

The pH meter is probably the least understood and most abused piece of equipment in the biological lab, probably because it is an undercover agent from chemistry and only a rare biologist likes chemistry. […]

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A Beginners' Guide to Non-coding Sequence Alignment

There is no such thing as “junk” DNA Until recently, vast areas of the genome had been denounced as “junk” DNA, because they do not encode proteins. However, it has become clear that these […]

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Big Foot In Mouth Or Tongue In Cheek?! Sasquatch Sequenced.

“Bigfoot is real, according to genetic analysis.” That bold statement appears on the website of a new journal, the sole paper in which presents what it claims is a mitochondrial DNA match and gene […]

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The Etiquette of Approaching a Potential Supervisor

Whether you are looking for a PhD Studentship or your first postdoc position, identifying and approaching a potential mentor can be quite daunting and seem like a bit of a minefield. The following are […]

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The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB – Tutorial Part 3

This is the third in a continuing series of tutorials on getting the most from ‘The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB’. The first tutorial described setting up and using a free account and can be […]

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