Homework Didn't End In School

The initial onsite interview: it is a source of anxiety, excitement, and promise, all in one.  It is the first opportunity for you to make an impression with the company of your dreams.  It […]

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I Know Who You Are: Using 'Private' DNA Sequences To Identify People

Searching for ancestors online is a popular activity. So is having your DNA sequenced. But merging the two has created a problem; it’s very, very easy to use genealogy software and DNA sequence data […]

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When Dr Harry met Dr Sally

Logically and statistically, a lab romance (= a romantic relationship between members of one lab) should not work. Most relationships fail sooner, rather than later and working in the same lab will be extremely […]

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Common Sins When Weighing Out Chemicals

You can really tell when Honours Project students start working in the lab on their projects: the pH meter probe is suddenly floating in water and the weighing area is a mess, because nobody […]

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Immunohistochemistry- PAP, APPAP and Sandwiches!

You’ll give me an (enzymatic) complex! Following on from Part 1 of this article, let’s start by having a look at the two most popular enzymatic ‘sandwich’ methods; The Peroxidase anti Peroxidase method (PAP).  The […]

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Why You Should Be Tweeting About Science

Scientists publish with the expectation that others will take their work on board to discuss it, validate it and build upon it in future publications. Unfortunately, a common mindset is that once a paper […]

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Why do relatively few women rise to the top in academia?

Fact: The vast majority of professors are male. By the time you reach the top of the ladder, only roughly 20% of professors are female In most European countries and in quite a few […]

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Do Bad Genes Beget Disease? Hey, Not So Fast!

The purpose of genetic testing is to find altered genes that could cause disease. Consequently, people could be treated, or prospective parents can make decisions about having children. However, scientists are finding that having […]

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Outgrown the Roost: Passaging Suspension Cells

Previously, you have learned about passaging adherent cells and read a quick protocol to make it happen. In this article, I will talk about passaging suspension cells. Some cells naturally live in suspension in […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing qPCR Primers

Primer design is a very important step while setting up your qPCR assay. If your primers anneal poorly or to more than one sequence, this can significantly impact the quality and reliability of your […]

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