How To Name Image Files So They Actually Make Sense- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I have a dear friend and collaborator whose image file names follow this format: aaaa5kk.tif, aaaa5kkk.tif, aaaa5kkkk.tif, aaaa6p3kkkkkkk.tif, etc. We have collaborated together on several projects, and I dread the days I have to […]

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How To Get Organized With Reference Managers for Science – ReadCube

In my last post on reference managers I discussed Mendeley, a well-established reference manager and the one I’m most familiar with. Today I am going to tell you about ReadCube, a more recent addition […]

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The HeLa Cell Line Genome: A Spark To Light The Debate On The Ethics Of Personal Genomics

For the past six decades, HeLa cells have been vital to making groundbreaking research in science. Scientists have made countless passages from them and shipped them worldwide, but did not put much thought into […]

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Using Enzymes at the Bench — Keep it in the cooler? On ice? or at RT?

Have you ever needed an enzyme but not had an ice bucket?  Have you been tempted to just grab the enzyme out of the freezer, take what you need and quickly return the tube […]

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Prussian Blue- A Histology Stain For Iron

What is Prussian Blue? Prussian blue (PB) was actually the first synthetic color to be discovered during the Industrial Revolution. It was developed accidentally in 1704 by a chemist who was trying to produce […]

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Crush Like an Elephant, Soak Like the Rain: Old-School DNA Gel Extraction

In my previous article on DNA gel extraction, I explained how most commercially available DNA gel extraction kits work. However, there was a time before our society was blessed with these convenient marvels of […]

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How to get Organised With Reference Managers for Science- Papers

My previous posts on reference mangers have discussed Mendeley and ReadCube. Today I will be discussing Papers, the reference manager I first encountered and the one favoured by many academics, including my PhD supervisor. […]

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An Introduction to Spectral Overlap and Compensation Protocols in Flow Cytometry

It strikes fear into the hearts of new cytometrists. Compensation. More fights have started over the proper way to compensate at meetings. This article will strive to shed some light on the principles of […]

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Why Is It Important To Run Your NGS Gels Consistently?

This article discusses some of the important things to consider if you are using agarose gel electrophoresis for size-selection of your NGS libraries. Gel electrophoresis is a simple and very commonly used technique in most […]

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What's in a Number: Getting the Right Passage in Cell Culture

Getting the Right Passage Number Using an American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) reference strain for every experiment would be great, but not all that practical. So, most labs subculture their cells into a new […]

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