BLASTing Off – How BLAST Works

More than a pun on the explosive growth of sequencing data, BLAST makes annotation and comparisons of similar sequences much easier. Created by a group at the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information in […]

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How to Check if Your Pipette is Accurate

How much time do you spend thinking about the accuracy of your pipette?  Probably not much. It’s one of those things that gets brushed aside in the heat of experimentation.  Pipetting accuracy though, is […]

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Type IIS Endonucleases – When Nature Lends a Hand With DNA Cloning

Good news lab workers! Always hated the tedious work of designing a cloning strategy? Or maybe always dreamed of pooling all the reactions in one tube, just to save time? Thanks to Mother Nature, […]

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Do-it-Yourself PCR

Currently Open Source principles are offering interesting tools for doing molecular biology at an incredibly low cost. One interesting example is OpenPCR ( a project developed in order to ensure that the basic technology to […]

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Getting started with immunohistochemistry

What is immunohistochemistry… Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a favorite tool amongst clinicians to help diagnose a range of diseases by identifying abnormal cells, such as those in cancer. In a nutshell, IHC uses antibodies to detect proteins (antigens) […]

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Spring Cleaning in the Lab – How not to Have Skeletons in your Lab Closet

Most of us hate cleaning and are often hard pressed to find time to clean our homes, never mind our laboratory space. However, an annual spring clean and maintenance of a regular cleaning rota/regime […]

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Image Digitization in Microscopy: How Does That Sound?!

With the danger of becoming predictable, I will start this discussion by talking about Hi-Fi again! You must surely have heard how some sound-quality nuts (myself included) insist that vinyl sounds better than CD? […]

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Biosafety in Flow Cytometry – To Be or Not to Be…

Biosafety is one of those things many scientists don't take seriously. I would guess, that like politics, there are 40% who believe biosafety is 'over-emphasized' and 40% who swear by biosafety. 20% are undecided. […]

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Go Fishing for Your Favorite Protein with Immunoprecipitation!

You have your favorite protein in mind and are ready to set up some exciting experiments to show what, how, when it works, modifies, and changes in your cells. Only problem? You need to […]

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Choosing a Competent E.coli Strain

Of all the of competent E. coli cell strains available, which one should you choose? The choice of strain to use in a given experiment is determined in large part by the nature of […]

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