Common Reasons for Nightmare PhDs

From pre-doc to postdoc, there are many instances that can transform a perfectly good PhD program into a nightmarish one. Here are the most common scenarios to watch out for in graduate school – […]

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So, You Think An Electron Microscope Is There To Make Things Look Bigger?

“Well, of course”- I can hear someone saying. “It can make things look as much as 200, 000 times bigger”. Problem is, the first sentence is wrong, and the second one is meaningless! On […]

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Easy Yeast RNA isolation without the Trizol

Recently BsB author Yevgeniy Grigoryev shared a total RNA isolation protocol. The one I use is even simpler – no expensive Trizol, which is a mix of phenol and some salts, all that is […]

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Keeping Your Science Out of the (Junk) Headlines

As a research scientist you spend years toiling away on your area of interest, hoping for a big breakthrough, or at least a more minor contribution to your field. So it is no doubt […]

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Mycoplasma: The Hidden Anarchist of Cell Culture

It is the black death of cell culture. Scientists don’t dare utter its name and many a graduate student has fallen victim to its indiscriminate menace. These stealthy anarchists infiltrate quietly but deliberately until […]

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Counting On Your Results – Tips And Technologies For Colony/Plaque Counting

Have you ever emerged from the lab, bleary-eyed, blinking dazedly at the sun after spending hours hunched over a lab bench counting endless bacterial colonies or viral plaques? A necessary evil… I consider colony/plaque […]

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If We Are 3-D, Should We Grow Cells In The Same Dimensions? Microscopic Analysis In 3-D.

“Do we use a monolayer or 3-D cell culture for our experiments?” A simple, yet puzzling question asked by my group leader while I was working on a drug development project at the University […]

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Getting the most out of your human DNA methylation studies

The field of epigenetics is exploding and given the strong links between epigenetic state and disease, the need to study markers like DNA methylation in humans is very relevant. This article outlines some of […]

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Land Of The Houyhnhnms: How NGS Turned The Genomic Clock Back 700,000 Years

Some 700,000 years ago, a male horse died alone in the Canadian Arctic.  Though he met his demise during a relatively warm period for the Yukon Territory, his corpse settled between thick layers of permafrost […]

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Book Review: Bad Pharma – Ben Goldacre

With a subtitle that says ‘How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients’ you’re hardly expecting a comedy. Shockingly: on page 5 Ben Goldacre already dissolves all hopes that it might not be as […]

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