Show Us Your Moves: Making an MSD Plot

In the previous article, I showed you how to interpret mean-squared displacement (MSD) and showed four easy things you can learn from an MSD graph at a quick glance. Now let’s turn from analyzing […]

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Haematoxylin And Eosin 101: Part One- Method And Tips

Haematoxylin and Eosin staining is the most common staining in the modern (and old!) histology lab. This staining technique gives an overview of the structure of the tissue and can be used in pathological […]

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Conrad Waddington and his epigenetic landscape

I was first introduced to Conrad Waddington’s epigenetic landscape when reading ‘The epigenetic revolution’, a fantastic introduction to epigenetics, and in my opinion, a must read for anyone who is looking for an entertaining […]

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Breaking The Code Of The Mummies With NGS: A Hallowe'en Special!

Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife. For them, death was merely a passage from a temporary body into a permanent spiritual existence. However, the preservation of the physical body was crucial for a happy […]

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Mars and Venus: Are Academia and Industry So Different?

Mars and Venus:  Are Academia and Industry So Different? One of the less acknowledged perks of scientific and technical training is that these educational paths prepare you for a vast selection of career options.  […]

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The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB – Tutorial Part 5

This is the fifth in a continuing series of tutorials on getting the most from The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB. In this tutorial you will be introduced to the new Pivot View tool that […]

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How Does it Move? Interpreting Motion of an Object with the Mean-Squared Displacement

Stuff moves. It is useful to study how stuff moves, because motion analysis can tell us a lot about the object that is moving. For example, we can learn if an object’s motion is […]

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Career Advice for Scientists from Scientists

Developing a career in the biological sciences can be a daunting venture.  You must throw your heart and soul into your career and wait years before you know if you are going to be […]

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Beneath the Lab Coat – Why do Scientists get Inked?

In 2007, award winning science writer Carl Zimmer asked a seemingly marginal question on his blog – how common is it for scientists to tattoo themselves with images of their science? Over the next […]

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How To Fix Isolated And In Situ Primary Cells

Unlike immortalized cells lines, primary cells can only be kept in cell culture for a finite period of time, if at all. Therefore, you often need to obtain primary cells directly from an animal […]

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