Apps that bring PCR to your mobile device

Mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones are increasingly being used by laboratory researchers to aid them in their research. One example is the move towards electronic lab books. As a result, app developers […]

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Troubleshooting RNA Isolation

Isolating RNA is one of the more finicky protocols there is, and everyone who does it has their own personal tips and tricks to successfully isolate intact RNA from their samples with consistency. Although RNA […]

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Can’t See the Mouse for the Mice?! Solutions to Mouse-on-Mouse Immunohistochemistry Detection

The issue of mouse-on-mouse background is only a cause for concern for the histotechnologist working within a research environment. Those working in a diagnostic setting will probably never experience this as they will be […]

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Do Your Proteins do a Slow Dance Together in the Dark? Find out! Learn to do a Co-IP.

Do you wonder if your favorite protein is entwined in a delicate dance with another protein? Do you wish you could shine a spotlight on your protein to determine its dance partner? Well good […]

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The Pros and Cons of a Life in Academic Science

The great thing about being a scientist is, well… that you get to be a scientist!  And it can be fun and rewarding. But being a scientist can be a nasty stressful business too. […]

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Let's Talk About Stats: Comparing Multiple Datasets

Last week I focused on the left-hand side of this diagram and talked about statistical tests for comparing only two datasets.  Unfortunately, many experiments are more complicated and have three or more datasets.  Different […]

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Fluorescence 101: A Beginners Guide to Excitation/Emission, Stokes Shift, Jablonski and More!

You may already use fluorescence as a tool in your microscopy and imaging work, but, do you know exactly what it is? Why are certain proteins and probes fluorescent? What causes this light emitting […]

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Ten Tips for Turning Beastly Western Blots Beautiful

Western blots can be ugly. I mean down-right, horrifically, wall-of-shame ugly.  Not only can they be embarrassing to show to your colleagues, but the ugliness can obscure your results, making it impossible to interpret […]

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Ta-Da! The Magic of Taq and TA Cloning

Sometimes a clever little trick for cloning comes along that makes you just give an appreciatory “ahhh.” For me, it was TA cloning.  TA cloning is not a new technique (I am showing my […]

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What is Digital PCR?

Digital PCR (dPCR) is a quantitative PCR method that provides a sensitive and reproducible way of measuring the amount of DNA or RNA present in a sample. This method is similar to qPCR in […]

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