Let's Talk About Stats: Comparing Two Sets of Data

There are so may statistical tests out there it can be difficult to determine which is the right test to use. Below is a simple diagram to help you quickly determine which test is […]

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“Where the hell did my signal go?” AKA The Problems (and Uses) of ‘Photobleaching’ in Microscopy and Imaging

Like most things in this world, fluorophores are mortal, and eventually your once bright fluorescent image will inevitably fade to black. This fading or ‘photobleaching’ of fluorescent signal can make imaging difficult, especially if […]

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Let me introduce you to ELISA…No, not the girl…The assay.

An ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay) is a popular assay that uses antibodies and color change to detect proteins, peptides, antibodies or biomolecules in complex mixtures. ELISAs are popular because they are reliable, specific, easy […]

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Buying a Secondary Antibody: Why all the Choices?

So you grab a quick 5 minutes in between lectures to sit down and tackle an item on your to-do list: order a secondary antibody for an upcoming experiment.  But when you start to […]

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I Put a Smell on You: Next Generation Sequencing Sniffs Out Olfactory Signals

Chances are you spent some of your teenage years fretting about your social status. You may have even taken steps to change your status. New haircut. New clothes. These are very human behaviors: our […]

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When Gibson Assembly is the best option: a case study with P. falciparum

Malaria continues to be a leading case of mortality worldwide. It is estimated that the parasitic disease, carried by infected mosquitoes, spread to over 200 million cases in 2010, resulting in 660,000 deaths. No […]

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Let's Talk About Stats: Understanding the Lingo

The first hurdle in learning about statistics is the language.  It’s terrible to be reading about a particular statistical test and have to be looking up the meaning of every third word. The type […]

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Welcome to the Dark Side…Dark Field Microscopy That Is!

We all know that stars are easier to see against the dark background of the night than they are to see against the bright sky of day. Well did you also know that the […]

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Brahe’s Battles: The Outcome

What do science and rapping have in common?  Usually not much.  Unless you happen to be Tom McFadden that is, and then rapping becomes a tool for teaching kids about science. Tom McFadden is […]

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Gibson Assembly: an easy way of molecular cloning!

Every hard-core biologist knows designing the perfect construct can be a complex puzzle to solve. This challenge, if successful, can be extremely satisfying but can also drive you crazy for weeks. Luckily, Dr. Daniel […]

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