Your Enthusiasm for Science: Free Refills Here

on 28th of November, 2011 in Inspiring & Thought Provoking
About the Author:
Emily Crow is a freelance scientific editor and the founder of Science Traduite, a French to English service specifically for life science researchers. She has a PhD in Moelcular Biology from Northwestern University and a BA in French from Wheaton College.

Do you often get lost in the tedium of day-to-day research?  Have you forgotten the passion and curiosity that drove you to science in the first place?  As biologists we are privileged to be asking the big questions and probing the mysteries of nature.

That our jobs actually involve messing around with DNA, looking inside single-celled organisms to watch how its proteins move or other similarly mind-boggling interactions with the stuff of life is both humbling and exciting. And the fact that so much remains to be discovered about the basic processes of life, not to mention the impact these discoveries could have on our society, is overwhelmingly inspiring.

Get a refill on your enthusiasm for science by watching this fantastic video produced by the Symphony of Science project:

And if you like what you see, check out even more awesome videos on the Symphony of Science website!

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