Highlights from the blogsphere this week include 25 million year beer, googlising your lab culture and, of course, the LHC rap.

Careers talk with Mr Big. Jonathan at Working the Bench shares some enlightening, and somewhat sobering, excerpts from a recent conversation he had with an industry leader on science careers.

Old beer. Aminopop covered recent work in which a 25 million year old yeast was revived, and then used to make beer. Yum!

Research Posters 2.0. Berci at ScienceRoll picked up on a new addition to SciVee, the science video sharing site. Now you can upload your research poster and make a postercast video to talk people through it.

Googling your lab. At Mario’s Entangled Bank, Mario outlines the lessons he thinks academic labs could take from Google’s famously generous work culture.

…and finally…

We couldn’t go through this week without at least mentioning the LHC project. Nobel Intent highlighted the excellent LHC rap, that explains what the project it all about.