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by on 15th of August, 2008 in Of Interest
About Nick Oswald
Nick Oswald started Bitesize Bio on a Macbook on his kitchen table in 2007 while in his 7th year of working as a molecular biologist in biotech. He made it his day job in 2010 and has been loving it ever since.

In this week's round-up of bio-related blogs: The smell of the sea breeze, corporal punishment in the lab and a surprising side-dish that comes with your sushi.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Alan at Microbiology Bytes picks up on a Microbiology Today articles on the microbial genetic origins of that seaside tang.

A hard Knight. The Black Knight thinks that lab newbies just aren't scared enough these days.

For your information. Alex at The Daily Transcript gives his viewpoint on Dan's recent article about Sir Paul Nurse's use of information processing as an analogy for biological processes.

Blood-line. Nobel Intent's John Timmer describes how Japanese scientists have managed to produce human red blood cells from embryonic stem cells.

United Colors of Biotech. Aminopop has a nice succinct description of green, red and white biotech, and a nice image to go with it.

Mad on Virophages. Mike the Mad Biologist highlights a Nature article on Virophages; viruses that prey on viruses.

Less is more. Jonathan at Working the Bench gives a good tip for anyone having PCR problems.

and finally…

Do you love Sushi? Not anymore.

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